Satva Bar & Lounge and It’s Amazing Trail of Groovy New Year’s Eve Parties

Chandigarh in true sense is the Las Vegas of the North India.

The vivacious, liberal, receptive and adaptive culture here attracts people across the boundaries of sex, age, class,region, religion. What we normally hear from non-Chandigarh residents about their opinion on the city beautiful is that they look upto the people here; people in Chandigarh know how to live life to the fullest.

Yes, carpe diem – seize the day is the mantra behind the Chandigarh lifestyle. Satva Bar & Lounge portrays the same spirit of Chandigarh. Be it opening the doors for the young Chandigarh to showcase their talent or hosting the most amazing parties, Satva knows its roots well.

Over the years, Satva has gained the reputation of hosting one of the most classy and sizzling New Year’s Eve Parties in the region. Young couples from all around throng the place to ring in new year in Satva style. Mesmerising music, crazy fun, sumptuous food and drinks and unparalleled ambiance.

You’re never going to regret welcoming your new year at Satva Bar & Lounge.

This year ChandigarhX is offering Satva Bar & Lounge NYE Bash Couple Passes. Follow the link to grab yours. (Price revised to INR 10,000)

Satva New Year Party 2017 Couple Pass


Have fun!