Rag Dolls Museum – Dream Project of Nek Chand Inaugurated In Rock Garden

Today, June 12 is the second death anniversary of the visionary creator of Rock Garden, Sh. Nek Chand Saini and today Phase 3 of the Rock Garden, the dream project of the creator himself, the Rag Dolls Museum is open for public.


Sh. Nek ChandAs many as 200 rag dolls made from waste clothes by Nek Chand are part of the museum, the theme of which is a village, with special huts, trees and other spaces created here to complete the look and feel. Using materials, designs, colours and textures that are synonymous with the garden, the museum has a meandering path, with a separate entry and exit.

At this phase, Nek Chand had created different blocks for displays, with one for the dolls, which he began creating in 1970.

Remembering The Great Visionary – Nek Chand Saini


A hall at this phase of the garden will also showcase an exhibition of rare photographs of Nek Chand, his awards and some of his belongings, and later the will be a museum dedicated to him.


Also, a half-an-hour movie on the life and work of Nek Chand will be played daily for visitors in a special theatre. The idea of these efforts is to take forward the decades of the creative and extraordinary work done by Nek Chand, against all odds and without much support.

BOOK RELEASED ON Nek Chand’s Rock Garden

The book has been created keeping in mind the interest of children, with maps, a quiz, questionnaire, timeline of events, sketches, idea of a project using waste materials, colourful photographs making it an absorbing read. The book contains, in simple and interesting language, many unknown facets of the site of the garden, and in a story format, the dream of Nek Chand, and how he single-handedly pursued it, the key components here, and why is it so special, an overview and components of every phase, the sculptures, materials used.

The book will be a part of libraries of government schools of the city, and be available at the garden and souvenir shops across the city.

Rag Dolls Museum in Pictures