Pyaar, Dosti, Relationships, Valentine's… What Do You Think Chandigarh?

When you belong to such a pretty & open-minded place, February indeed brings out those tingly little feelings we call LOVE!

This valentine’s day, I thought of asking different people belonging to different genres of life “What does Valentine’s Day or in general LOVE mean to them?





When I asked this young teenage girl, she chirpily answered, “It’s all the stuff they show in the movies, isn’t it?”

Well, we all know the reality of it. But I couldn’t break this little girl’s heart. Let her learn her lessons on her own.

The experienced folk! 

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Then, I went on to ask a beautiful young girl who has tasted the medicine of love about this age-old concept of Valentine’s Day. To this she answered, “I think this day is hyped. You just cannot particularly designate one single day for love, it can happen anytime and anywhere.”




Nothing is more pure than your first love.

This young couple I met during my days at Alliance Francaise has a completely different approach to the concept. They said, “Our bond is something that is truly inexplicable. It’s like the way we met, the way we got to know each other; it was so simple, so easy. Instead of judging, we understood each other and that brought us much more closer than ever. If it is right, you just feel it, there are no second thoughts about it. This is what we’ve been looking for and we are the happiest and luckiest to have each other by our side.” 

Oh My God!

Hearing this mature and complex stuff from these 18 year olds was amazing! I hope all the happiness for you guys! 




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On my journey to find the answer, I next went on to ask my best friend who is in a long-distance relationship, about his views on the topic to which he responded in a beautiful manner, “I love her. I believe this is for the long haul, we know each other inside out. We’ve fought each other’s demons and our own’s. So, one single day does not define love for us, it just comes up in waves. Our celebration of love is every day.”

My friend, you are just RELATIONSHIP GOALS! 


SELF-LOVE goals!




For this girl who has never fallen in love (lucky girl!), has a different viewpoint. As per her, “I am alone, doesn’t mean I am lonely. While my friends and colleagues will be busy celebrating their love on this day, I will be happily celebrating me.”

That’s the spirit girl! GO US! 


The experienced generation!



Then, I asked the same question from this happily married couple I met on the lake and they eagerly replied,”Valentine’s Day is not just about celebrating love for my wife, it’s about the love we share with our kids, friends, family and the spirit in general.”

Well said sir! We need more people like you.


So, all in all we all have different opinions, viewpoints and feelings about this day, but what matters the most is we collectively celebrate this day of love, not just today but forever and ever! Right?  

Image Credits: Giphy