Punjab | Gyms, Yogas Institutes to Open with New Guidelines from Wednesday

Punjab Government today has issued guidelines to be followed by yoga institutes and gymnasiums. These will come into force from 5th August 2020.

Under the guidelines, yoga institutes and gymnasiums will be allowed to open from 5th August provided they take all necessary precautions and comply with the guidelines.

Minimal physical contact

There should be minimum physical contact between the gym staff and the persons visiting the gym.

Proper social distancing

All institutions have to adhere to social distancing and atleast 6ft distance has to be there.

No relief in containment zones

The guidelines states that yoga institutes and Gymnasiums will remainshut in areas declared as containment zones

Intake of fresh air should be there as much as possible

The room temperature should be in the range of 25-30 degree celsius and adequate cross ventilation should be there. Apart from that, intake of fresh air should be there as much as possible

Children below 10 and elders above 65 advised not to visit

The guidelines also advise those who are above the age of 65, children below 10 years, those with comorbidities and pregnant women not to visit gyms in closed spaces.

Wearing of mask mandatory

The guidelines makes wearing of masks mandatory at all times. However, while doing yoga and exercises, as far as possible, a visor should be used.

However, the guidelines states that spas, sauna, steam baths and swimming pools will remain closed.

Management to calculate capacity

Under the new guidelines, the management of the institutions would decide the capacity of the place based on criteria of 4sq. metre/ person i.e. 40 square feet.
There has to be atleast 6 feet distance between two persons.

Guidelines issued by Punjab Govt for Gyms & Yoga Institutes
Guidelines issued by Punjab Govt for Gyms & Yoga Institutes


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