PU Gets Digital Boost: Online Attendance to be Introduced in PU from January

pu online attendance

Finally, the much awaited campus portal software is ready. Attendance record of students of Panjab University will be maintained online. The software will be available at the PU’s official website, www.puchd.ac.in. Isn’t it great?

From January, the university will maintain the daily attendance of students from every stream, and it will be uploaded on the website. This move will make the current system of attendance, easy and transparent.

Presently, the faculty maintains attendance registers where the roll call is recorded. Following that, a monthly report is submitted. This report is made subjects wise. In case the attendance is short, the matter is brought before the concerned authorities.

After the introduction of the software, all information will be compiled and various data interpretations – including attendance shortage will be made.

Prof. Rajiv Lochan, Director, Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), said that the software was available since 2008, it required more development because of the  online posting of the attendance. He further stated, “The officials concerned have been trained regarding usage of the software.”

Contrast In Methods Of Submitting Attendance Across Various Institutes

Government colleges in the city continue using their own methods to record the daily attendance. However, the situation is different in private colleges, where digital methods have been incorporated. Colleges like SD College, Sector 32, have employed an android-based application for attendance instead of phone registers.

Changes to be Introduced In Feedback System

There are plans for changing the limitations of the students’ feedback form. Implemented in PU in 2015, this was used for creating a favourable interface for communication between students and the faculty. The students would evaluate the curriculum and the teachers. The teachers were then asked what they could infer from the feedback.

The IQAC committee will decide if the student feedback from needs to be changed.

The form contained 10 questions varying from rating teachers on different parameters including –

  • Ability to complete syllabus on time,
  • Interaction and communication in class,
  • Ability to inspire,
  • Punctuality,
  • Preparedness for lecture,
  • Availability and accessibility of teachers,
  • Teacher’s usage of modern teaching aids, reference material, web resources
  • Teacher’s attitude.

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(News Source  – HT Chandigarh)