PU Installs Three Colored Bins in the Campus for Waste Management

Panjab University has always been a trendsetter in every walks of life in the region; be it the lively campus life, world class education and teachers or laudable civic sense, the youth culture here has made it rank amongst the best universities in the world.’Little efforts can bring an ocean of change’, treading on this PU has decided to manage heaps of waste from the campus in a more efficient and eco-friendly way. Now, there will be three separate bins installed for organic, recyclable and general waste around the campus. The Panjab University Centre for Public Health launched the system to deal with disposal, collection and removal of waste in hostels and other areas in PU. Also, initiated a study to see how much waste is generated on the campus.The system of having green, white and black bins on the campus will enable us segregate waste efficiently and will also help convert organic waste into compost.


  • Implementation of the project will be done under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  • Enable us segregate waste efficiently
  • Helps in converting organic waste into compost.
  • In hostels, students have to write figures regarding amount of waste generated on the board every evening. It will be like an inventory
  • Study on solid waste management was conducted on solid waste characterization and its assessment for potential methane generation. It was found that there is a significant increase in municipal solid waste (MSW) generation in India during the last few decades and its management is a major issue. Poor management practices has affected the health and amenity of the cities.


Green Bin White Bin Black Bin
wet/organic material dry/recyclable left over domestic hazardous waste
Cooked food/ leftover food, vegetable/ fruit peels, egg shell, rotten eggs, chicken/fish bones, tea bags/ coffee grinds, coconut shells Plastic waste including plastic covers, bottles, boxes, cups, toffee wrappers, soap or chocolate wrapper and paper waste including magazines, newspapers, tetra packs, cardboard cartons, pizza boxes or paper cups/plates CFL, tube light, printer cartridges, broken thermometer, batteries, button cells, expired medicines, used syringes, mosquito repellent refill bottles, CDs and old cassettes
Garden waste including fallen leaves/ twigs or the puja flowers/ garlands  Metallic items like tins/cans foil paper and containers and even the dry waste including cosmetics, hair, rubber/thermocol, old mops/ dusters/ sponges/ discarded cloth and also the expired credit or debit cards  



Source: Hindustan Times

Image Credits: Google Images