Mohali | First Ever Wheelchair-Accessible Cabs, Ambulances Launched

Mobility is a basic human right, and having access to movability ensures that the disabled stand a better chance to be integrated into society. Fortis Hospital, Mohali thus offers a unique cab and ambulance service to suit the needs of people with disabilities and senior citizens. Different from normal cabs, this service is customized to help patients in the wheelchair too.

Cab Service Features
  • Need-Based

Wheelchairs can go straight into the vehicle easily. Front seats are customized in such a manner to allow easy mobility of the elderly and needy. Safety, comfort, and independence with no physical transfer can be ensured.

  • Interiors

A special facelift has been given for commuters with mobility challenges such as quadriplegics, paraplegics and senior citizens. This is to accommodate their wheelchair behind. Extra room for three co-passengers to accompany along is also designated.

  • Car & Chauffeur

In addition to the cab, users will have assistance from sensitive drivers in escorting them.

  • Available For Entire Duration

The two are at the service for the complete duration of the requirement, starting with a minimum of two hours.

  • Other Features

There is a wheelchair restraint, wheelchair locking system, special handles, first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, GPS, and GPRS which could be tracked round-the-clock.

  • Easy Mobility

Earlier, it was a task to bring wheelchair-borne patients. As per the doctors, this means of transporting commuters will facilitate easy aid for those who have limited mobility.

  • Dependency On Family

Ashish Bhatia, Chief Operating Officer, Fortis Healthcare, said that the older generation feels a sense of dependency on family or friends restricts their movement from one place to another. Travelling via public transport is out of the question since it is far from accessible.

News Source: Times of India

Image Source: Google Images