Mercury to Dip A Notch Further on December 31. Know More


Winter is here and Chandigarh is experiencing fine weather for the last few days. The sky is clear and the weather dry, and the people are simply relieved that the weather extremities is not making their lives difficult. When December had started, there had been fog and rain. The residents of the Tricity had braced themselves for the chilly weather ahead.

The maximum temperature on Wednesday will be 22ºC (1ºC above normal) and the minimum temperature was 8ºC (2ºC above normal). Last year, the temperature at this time of the year was 20ºC and 8ºC.

However, the weather will become cloudy on Dec. 31. Temperature will drop down a few notches. The city will be engulfed by shallow fog, while the outskirts will experience dense fog. This will happen because of the cold northern waves.

So be prepared with the woolens on the last day of 2017. A shivery new year lies ahead.

(News Source – HT Chandigarh)

(Image Credits: Google Images)

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