Maruti Suzuki Autocross Championship Round 3 – Chandigarh



Love to do some dare-devil stunts with your cars?

Crazy for the zoom and the skid and the insane maneuvers with your cars?

You cannot, ofcourse, do that on roads across the city, but don’t let your passion die out.

Maruti Suzuki Autocross is coming to Chandigarh and calling out all the dare-devils to show off their pimped-up cars and motorsport skills on a one-of-a-kind dirt track.


  • The driver must be above 18 years and have a legally valid driving license.
  • Any street car of any manufacturer with or without modification can participate.
  • There is no restriction on the number of persons driving any car. The same car can be driven by several different persons or same person can drive several cars, depending on number of entries.
  • No restriction on number of entries put in by any person in same or different cars . However in case of multiple entries in same class, only the best time will be taken for qualifying for the next round.


a. Individual

Driver Registration Fee : INR 1000

Type 1st Entry 2nd Entry 3rd Entry 4th and subsequent entries
Amature Non Championship  INR 500 INR 1000  INR 1500  INR 2500
 Professional and Championship INR 1500  INR 2000  INR 2500 INR 3000

b. Team

For Championship the Team registration fee is INR 3,000/-

For Championship the Team Entry fee would be INR 500/- per entry in addition to the qualifying fee.

For registration, visit


  • The winner gets the title of coveted title of National Autocross Champion. The Championship in 2016 shall see the champions from southern India (compete with Champion(S) from North India for the coveted National title.

For more information, visit

Date: 26, 27, 28 November, 2016

Venue: Sector 5, Panchkula



Image Credits: Google Images


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