Lockdown 2.0 | Here’s A List Of What’s Permitted After April 20

Various states will ease the lockdown restrictions levied in view of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. This is in benefit of the citizens and certain sectors in line with the central government’s guidelines to gradually reopen and restart operations that are leading to the slowing of the economy.

However, these relaxations are not allowed in areas identified as COVID-19 containment zones or hotspots. Chandigarh (UT) being one such containment zone.

Lockdown 2.0

These relaxations during lockdown to begin from 20 April 2020.

What’s AllowedWhat’s Not Allowed
Private vehicles during emergencies like going to a veterinarian.
4-wheeler: driver and one passenger at the back seat
2-wheeler: one person
All kinds of air services.
Office with staggered shifts and lunch breaks.
People to maintain a distance of 10 feet and wear face masks.
Offices to install thermal screening and hand sanitisers.
Passenger and metro trains.
Movement of passenger by road, except in places where they have been exempted.
IT companies to call 50% staff.
Others can call 33% of their workforce.
Only big vehicles during pickup and drop of employees.
More than 4 people not allowed in office lifts.
65-years-old or more and those with children of 5-years or less can work from homeEducational centres, coaching institutes.
Amazon, Flipkart, etc to deliver only essentials.
Grocery shops to follow social distancing.
Industrial and commercial activity.
Select construction activitiesReal estate firms cannot bring labourers from outside any state.
Packaging and marketing of food products to follow social distancing.
Brick kilns to operate.
Hotels, restaurants.
Newspaper, cable, TV, DTH, telephone workers Taxis, autos, cycle rickshaws.
Electricians, motor mechanics, plumber, carpenter.Cinema halls, theatres.
Petrol, CNG pumps and courier services. Shopping complexes.
All goods transportation.
Indian Railways’ goods trains to ensure supply of essential items.
Gyms, ssports complexes, entertainment parks.
Banks, ATMs.
Swimming pools, bars, assembly halls.
No social, cultural, religious, entertainment, academic, sports, and political gatherings.
All religious places.
During funerals, more than 20 persons cannot be congregate.

At least three states- Telangana, Punjab and Delhi- decided not to give any relaxations in the lockdown guidelines on Sunday.

News Source: HT

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