Do You Know There’s Another Chandigarh In Spiti Valley of Himachal?

Right in the midst of Spiti valley, there’s small town all covered with snow and nestled in mighty Himalayan mountains with a gushing river flowing alongside.  

Located on NH-5 on Hindustan-Tibet road, this Chandigarh is a cold desert but equally resplendent and breathtaking beautiful. It is a favorite stop over of every person who scales Himalayas to satisfy his/her wanderlust.

History of Himachal’s Chandigarh

There are many legends to its name and origin, but the most convincing one dates back to 1962. 

During the Indo-China war in 1962, the Indian Army wanted to set up its base at Lepcha (read Lapcha). They offered local residents to relocate to the new UT in the making, Chandigarh with monetary compensation. The locals agreed but the love of mountains could not displace them beyond Spiti river. They also believed that they couldn’t do anything for a living except grow apples which would not have been feasible in any other terrain. So, they simply named their new home ground Chandigarh.

Exact Location of Himachal’s Chandigarh

You won’t find it on your GPS or google maps. That’s the beauty of the place that has left it unadulterated.

The distance between the two Chandigarhs is over 500 km. It is 10 km once you enter the district of Spiti through Kinnaur. The road to Chandigarh is also known as Leo village road and goes till Tabo and Kaza. It remains closed in winter, even in April, as one can expect snowfall and debris anytime, owing to the bare mountains around.

Stay Facilties and Attractions:

There’s grand place for you to stay, but you can easily find homestays and small hotels at nearby Hurling and Tabo.

In the neighbouring village called Gue, there’s a mummy of monk said to be 500 years old.

Do visit this Chandigarh when you head to NH-5 next time

The Chandigarh of Spiti may not be a opulent destination for your holidays, but it can certainly add adventure to the escapade. So the next time you take National Highway 5, don’t miss the rain shelter called ‘Varsha Shaalika Chandigarh SH-30’. 

Source: Hindustan Times