KiddyCoders: Interactive Session For Kids To Make Them Love Technology Beyond Games

Technology is not good or bad, but its use is. This is 21st generation children. Keeping them away from elegant technology is like keeping them ignorant. But, it is important for elders to keep a check on the activities of children and introduce them a stimulating environment rather than incautiously hand them over to the world of technology. 

Providing one such inspiring and exciting session for kids, Pritika Mehta is organising a special class where she will introduce them to much more that they can do with the computers and laptops. They can create a whole new virtual world just with use of right codes. It may sound a too daunting a task, but earlier they understand the world that beckons upon them the better. It is a matter a concern that India, which boasts the greatest bullion of IT minds may loose the coveted title soon only because our children have been exposed to the crudest form of IT in schools. Schools in China and US have already introduced coding as an essential part of curriculum, but Indian schools are yet to do so.




Venue – Innov8 , City Emporium (Wave Cinemas Mall), Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh

Date – September 23, 2017 (Saturday)

Time – 4 to 6 pm

Registration fee: Rs. 250

Where To Register: –


– This session is open to students from 6th – 10th grade
– Every kid has to bring their own device – a tablet or laptop. We’ll be doing coding too
– We have limited seats only since the class has to be personalised. Kindly register to attend
– The registration fee is 250 INR. You can send via Paytm to +91-7347427124. Write the name of your child in description column of Paytm

For any queries, write on or Whatsapp on +1-716-292-8720


Pritika Mehta is a data scientist, World Economic Forum Global Shaper and advisor to Queen Elizabeth’s Young Leaders (on Artificial Intelligence), TEDx Wilmington Speaker, Co-curator of TEDx Chandigarh. A Chandigarhian, she did Masters in Artificial Intelligence from State University of New York and worked with Fortune 500 companies (Bank of America, Tripadvisor etc.) and startups. This year in January, she quit her high paying job and came back from America to Chandigarh with a mission to inspire and empower young people in India to be leaders in 21st century.

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Dear Parents and elders, this is no time to wallow in memories of how beautiful your childhood was and complain how these kids are growing. It’s time to mend our ways and prepare them for the world that beckons upon them. Our responsibility doesn’t end with sending them to schools. We must fill in the gaps in knowledge where our education system is lacking.