I Don’t Buy Gifts For My Bae On V-Day. Does That Make Me Love Him Any Less?

The month of February welcomes the season of love, the celebrations for which are on everyone’s mind just like any other festival across the globe. As kids, my siblings and I learned about Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and  Teachers’ Day. But today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated at a much broader level than all these days. Whether good or bad, trends now days become extremely popular in no time. Thanks to social media! Valentine’s Day is also one such over-rated trend.

Love birds and personalities who are optimistic of being single, might not agree to my reasoning of not buying a present for my partner especially for Valentine’s Day. The City Beautiful has so much to offer to couples- a stroll besides Sukhna Lake, or at the beautiful gardens and landscaped parks of Chandigarh. Next, who doesn’t love street food? My partner and I chose Sector 9, for its little takeaways, when we met for the first time. We were friends then. Being food nerds, the next time we opted for the rustic delicacies of Sector 8. Believe me; I fell for him, for the first time, when I saw him bring my favourite food. His hands were full with whatever he thought I would love to dig into.

I too love, love, and the idea of it, and I love loving people. But, the truth of the matter is, this act of not gifting does not make me love him any less.

Love Is Timeless

One thing that comes without a ‘Conditions Apply’ tag is love. This feeling does not see time or days. It should be essential for life, and not something temporary. My love for my partner is constant and will remain so. I do not need one specific day to express so. Similarly, the feeling of doing something special does not need to wait for Valentine’s Day. Therefore, an expression of love can be made 365 days a year!

I’m Still One Hell Of A Romantic Person

All said and done, this does not make me any less of a romantic. I love to buy flowers or gifts for my partner on any given day. Although, he does more so for me. I have known my partner for years now. Luckily, we stand a chance to meet everyday. But on our first Valentine’s Day, it so didn’t happen. Neither the day inspired us to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

If I say we consider everyday like it were Valentine’s Day, it would sound diplomatic. That’s not what reality is. Everyday brings its own story. So all we practice is to be nice to each other. Whatever life offers, whether good or bad, cherish it or deal with it, together!

Not Missing Out On Everything Red

Sometimes the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day looks too funny! Whether I’m out in the market, a mall, and grocery store or just hanging around at an eating joint, wherever I see, there is nothing except bright red or pink colour stuff. Roses, hearts, balloons, stuffed toys, teddy bears- small, huge and giant-sized saying ‘I Love You’, cakes and candies, chocolates in heart-shaped fancy boxes, and the marketers have endless things to offer.

All this, followed by a grand celebration mostly turns out to be expensive affair. It may happen so, your bae does not like your choice, even if you have gone broke in the process.  Also, I get to see a lot of people dressed in their best red. My thoughts might sound old-school, but some over-the-top things can make you go LOL!