Helmet Awareness Drive For Women Safety in Chandigarh


With the ongoing ‘Honk-Free Chandigarh’ drive in Chandigarh, Chandigarh Traffic police has started on women drivers’ safety. A new drive, helmet awareness campaign for women has begun in Chandigarh.

Generally, women two-wheeler riders do not wear helmets while it is compulsory for men. The unreasonable argument behind is women riders drive much more carefully. Even if we accept this argument, there are other vehicles on road whose drivers’ negligent driving might cause an unfortunate accident with women as victims.

Last five years (January 2013 to December 2017) road accidents data in Chandigarh shows,

Year Number of women’s death
2013 18
2014 26
2015 13
2016 22
2017 18
Total in 5 years 116


About the Helmet Awareness Campaign

In the ongoing campaign, Chandigarh traffic police is trying to persuade women riders to wear helmet while driving. They are distributing stickers with message saying ‘Helmet saves her head too‘ outside colleges and busy traffic junctions.Pillion women riders are being persuaded to wear good quality helmet while travelling on two wheelers.

Even police is organising awareness camp at places around the city. One camp was organised for the staff of PGI.

The message that is being conveyed is the safety on roads for riders. In case of accident, if drivers or pillion riders are wearing helmets, there is 90 percent chance of his or her survival.

Source: The Times of India
Image Source: Google Images

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