Heartwarming Pictures of Protesting Farmers Offering Langar to Underprivileged Children

The farmers protest gathered at Kundli on Delhi border is inspiring in more than one way. It will go in our history for not just being one of the largest farmers protest in modern history but also a peaceful and humanitarian. Every rising sun we see a glimpse of their ‘Sarbat da bhala’ in action. 

Be it feeding the police who are deputed there to stop them in one way or the other (lathicharge, using water canons) in langar or showing their conviction before the big-shots, farmers have inspired us all.

Now, the farmers have come to the rescue of underprivileged children feeding them and arranging classes for them. These are children of labourers or themselves scrap collectors for whom arranging for two square of meal everyday is a struggle, but at the langar they are welcome to have food, water, sweets, tea. 

The young protesting farmers have set up a make-shift school for the underprivileged children in the area. Volunteers have been roped in to teach and WiFi has been set up for them. Over 90 children are currently being taught by a team of professional teachers, activists, dentists and young farmers.