“God is One” is What You Get to See at Prayer Room at GMCH

Chandigarh, has always been a melting pot of various cultures and religions. There has never been any discrimination here. An exquisite example of religious equality can be seen in the prayer room of Government Medical College and Hospital(GMCH), Sector-32.

Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and people from other religions pray for the ailing ones in one room together.

Other details about the GMCH Prayer Room

GMCH is the first hospital in Chandigarh to provide this facility. The prayer room is situated in the C Block along with 10 operation theatres adjacent to it. This room is mainly used by family members and attendants who have accompanied the patients.

What All will You Find in the Room?

The air-conditioned room is carpeted, with two mattresses being laid on the floor for providing a seating arrangement. There’s a board adorning the wall which has all the religious symbols. A table-cum-donation box is placed under it.

Why Was This Room Allotted?

Medical Superintendent, GMCH, Dr Ravi Gupta is the person behind this initiative. The room had been allotted on the premises after noticing that people were praying for their loved ones outside the OTs.

Presently, GMCH is the only place where this facility has been provided. GMSH, Sector- 16, and PGIMER, Sector -12 do not have any designated prayer room.

News Source – The Indian Express

Image Credits – Google Images

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