Get Ready to Shell Out More Money at Parking Lots in Chandigarh

Now, you need to double the change that you carry around the city to get parking space in the parking lots. The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has proposed to hike paid parking charges in the city and hike is doubling the present parking charges.

According to the proposal, the parking rates will be doubled in all parking lots. Presently, the parking rates are Rs. 2 for two-wheelers and Rs 5 for four-wheelers in a majority of the parking lots, the one opposite Elante Mall, it is Rs 5 and Rs 10 for two-wheelers and four-wheelers, respectively and the two parking lots in Sector 17 (Sahib Singh and Empire Store) have hourly parking rates.

Not many of us realise that the parking rates have remained untouched since its introduction in 2003. The said proposal will be discussed in the MC House meeting on January 24.

As per the new proposal, the parking charges will soon be in the following fashion:


Location of Parking Space Current Parking Rates Changed Parking Rates
Opposite Elante Mall Two-wheelers: Rs 5

Four-wheelers: Rs 10

Two-wheelers: Rs 10

Four-wheelers: Rs. 20

Sector 17 (Sahib Singh and Empire Store) Hourly parking rates Four wheelers:

First 4 hours: Rs 10

Upto 8 hours: Rs 20

Upto 12 hours: Rs 30

Above 12 hours: Rs 40



 First 4 hours: Rs 5

Upto 8 hours: Rs 10

Upto 12 hours: Rs 15

Above 12 hours: Rs 20



Rest of the Parking Lots Two-wheelers: Rs 2

Four-wheelers: Rs 5

Two-wheelers: Rs 5

Four-wheelers: Rs 10



Image Credits: Google Images

Source: The Tribune


  1. To whom I can address an RTI regarding parking charges at Chandigarh and in Kaithal(Haryana)?

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