9 Fun Ideas for a Rocking New Year’s Eve House Party


New year 2018 is just around the corner and we all are already in party mode. Tricity has turned into Las Vegas with countless parties and music shows since Christmas. However, not all will head to a fancy restaurant to welcome year 2018. Rather prefer house parties for new year celebrations.

Here, we have shortlisted some amazing house party ideas which are perfect amalgamation of fun and thrill. They’ll edge your enjoyment to the peak and will refresh your soul.

Blazing bonfire in the backyard

A bonfire in the evening with scrumptious beverages is a stupendous idea to start the year. The warm and cozy ambiance gives you space to sit back, gossip, dance and sing. A small get together or a cocktail party with family and friends amidst the bonfire will create an enticing aura to rejuvenate

Heat up the barbeque

Hosting a barbecue picnic is a phenomenal affair to experience with friends and family. An evening marked with ambrosial grilled food adds edge to you celebration. Advance your guests to satiating food roasted on naked flame on barbecue coals and satiate their teasing appetite.

Corner elevated with photobooth

A photobooth is an interesting and a hyped concept these days. A theme oriented corner decorated with some DIY props adds charm to the get together. The undisputed charm will help you get some captivating pictures with goofy expressions.

Live Music 

Every gang has one ardent music lover. Get her/him, give her/his guitar and let her/him sway the evening.

or Karaoke 

Or even better, let you all be singers and go nuts singing your favorite numbers. Even you do a gazal or mushaira styled party. Let your friends dressed up in ethnic. Make arrangements to sit on floor and that good-old lamp. Rotate the lamp and the one with lamp has to sing a gazal or shayari. Practice saying Irshaad and Waah Waah!

Dance Party with You Being the DJ

Make a playlist or a medley of rocking dance songs and play it around. Now, there are number of apps that can make you DJ in no time. Take advantage of them.

Amusing package of indoor games

Tambola, spin the bottle, truth and dare, passing the parcel are some games which help you relish your childhood memoirs. Sit back and engage your guests in amusement and make merry out of these indoor games.

Theme Dress up

Slay in theme oriented outfits with a set a accessories. This will not only raise the style quotient of the ensemble but also creates a glamorous aura.

YouTube Web series

Download the TVF Play’s Triplings, Inmates or Permanent Room-mates or if you are a comdey lover, how about comedy shows by Zakir Khan, Amit Tandon, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia? Give yourself a respite from mundane TV content and movies. YouTube has got way better content.

Give a warm and a hearty welcome to this year. Release, relive and relish your soul this new year eve.

Happier 2018 to you!

 P. S. Guys and Gals! Be Nice and do clean up the mess before you leave!
Image Credits: Google Images