Finger licking Good & Light On Pocket – The Best Dhabas In Chandigarh

College life is all about bunking lectures, eating, bitching and basically having fun. We just need a reason to party and hang out every now and then. These four golden years give us infinite memories to cherish forever which are nearly impossible to forget. Be it our pocket money or balance, we’ll never have enough. So obviously we are always attracted towards the low price eating joints. This is where dhabas come into play. Dhabas are basically a combination of cheap rates and best tastes.

The ultimate desi taste of the delicious food at the convenient and spicy dhabas of Chandigarh is still satisfying our taste buds. We all have that Royal mood to visit luxurious places and enjoy sitting in the ambiance with beautifully served food right in front. But wait! This happens once in a blue moon.

So then our dearest desi dhabas come into play spreading their beautiful mehak all over! By now, we’ve found the desi yet an apt solution to our hunger.

Let’s have a look at 5 of Chandigarh’s best dhabas which will also be our next stop.

Katani Dhaba

This tops the list for me at least because I find every single thing here utterly delicious. I love the daal makhani and Shahi paneer here. Also, they have opened a new outlet in sector 7 which also has super attractive offers for you. Jalegi- RS. 100/kg , samosa – Rs 5 / piece . 


This is it … Haha!

We love this! don’t WE? But this offer is limited so grab it before it ends.

Address: Shop 106, Inner Market, Sector 7-C,  Chandigarh

Cost: Rs. 700 for two

Added features: Home Delivery, Vegetarian Only


Punjabi Lahori Dhaba

Every time Mum is lazy to bake, we reach out to this place for the best meal. This is one place that my parents literally trust for quality food. I’ve seen people ready to eat standing outside even if there no space inside but won’t go anywhere else.

Address: Shop 395, Sector 44-D Chandigarh

Cost: 250 for two

Added features: Home Delivery, Vegetarian Only


Pal Dhaba

Butter chicken, Maghaj, Saag Da chicken and Mutton masala are some of the mouth watering dishes offered here. The food quality is awesome but the vegetarians of our group were not that satisfied because this is a place mainly for the no veggies.

Address: SCO 151 & 152, Sector 28-D Chandigarh

Cost: RS. 700 for two

Swarn Dhaba

The chicken and mutton curry are amazing and delicious. Also, try their soya chap on Tuesdays. This dhaba is famous since my childhood days which makes people more connected to it. Don’t go on the ambiance which is like any other typical dhaba, but the food wouldn’t disappoint you.

Address: Booth 14 & 15, Sector 30-C, Chandigarh

Cost: Rs. 250 for two people 
Raju Da Dhaba

Shaan dal makhani, Kadhai paneer, Mushroom do plaza served with green mint chutney gives you the best desi food experience. The place is quite cheap, but they don’t compromise with the quality of food. Also, if you are a hygienic person then this place is not for you.

Adress: Booth 2, Mini market, Sector 11-D Chandigarh 

Cost: Rs. 400 for two

Added features: Outdoor seating


Next time you guys bunk the lectures and have no idea about where to sit, chat and eat, just refer this article and you’ll get a lot of options.


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