Famous Punjabi Singer Flouts Curfew For ‘Geri’ In Zirakpur

Despite Zirakpur being in lockdown, a singer and three of his friends came outdoors for a ‘geri’ in their Range Rover. The group was caught for their irresponsible act amidst the lockdown. They were also not wearing masks. The incident took place on Wednesday.

A strict curfew has been effect in Zirakpur since the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. But, this did not stop them from driving around aimlessly and playing loud music. As per officials, singer Gagandeep Sandhu was along with three friends- Amritpal Singh of Rampura Phull, Sunpreet Singh of Maluka and Gurvinder Singh of SBS Nagar.

According to Gurwant Singh, Zirakpur, station house officer, Sandhu violated the lock down norms. A person well-known to the public eye is responsible for his acts. He is a role model to others.

On spotting a patrol team on VIP Road, Sandhu tried to speed away. But, he was intercepted after a chase.

Twice earlier, Sandhu was let off with a warning.

News Source: HT

Image Credits: HT