Electricity Bills In Chandigarh To Become Cheaper In Next 3 Months

Chandigarh residents will see their electricity bills going lighter for next three months. The UT department has slashed the fuel and power purchase cost adjustment (FPPCA) charges starting from billing cycle of August 1 to October 31.

FPPCA is a charge added on a per-unit basis to each electricity bill over and above the regular tariff. The charge is the difference between per unit actual cost of power purchase and per unit approved cost of power purchase. Also, it is not levied  in the agriculture category. 

The changed charges will be as follows:


Domestic consumers Units Consumption Earlier FPPCA charges per unit New FPPCA charges per unit
0 and 150 65p 57p
151 to 400 units Rs 1.21 Rs 1.08
more than 400 units Rs 1.28 Rs 1.13



Commercial category Units Consumption Earlier FPPCA charges per unit New FPPCA charges per unit
0 and 150 Rs 1.24 to Rs 1.10
151 to 400 units Rs 1.38 Rs 1.18
more than 400 units Rs 2.58 Rs 2.56



Supply connection New charges per unit
Large supply connections Rs 1.36
Small Rs 1.21
Medium Rs 1.32


The FPPCA have been slashed for the second time in this financial year.


Source: Times of India

Image Credits: Google Images


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