Drones In Chandigarh Will Make Sure You Stay Home

As The City Beautiful has been declared a containment zone, the Chandigarh police have started using drones to monitor and enforce the curfew.

There are three drones put to use for the purpose. Highly equipped with a surveillance camera and public address system, they will be used to take images and videos. As per officials, besides helping in identifying areas where there is movement of persons or vehicles, drones were being put to use to educate people on the lockdown guidelines.

It was added that this exercise would assist enforcement by intensifying security checking in these areas. The drones are being used during early morning and evening. This is the time when people usually are going out for walks or visiting parks.

As for the relaxation hours, market areas and food distribution centres are being checked for social distancing norms.

Tricity COVID-19 Report (as on 21 April, 2020)

Samples tested4971142985
Samples rejected119
Reports awaited2413451

News Source: The Tribune