Dera Followers Had Nasty Escape Plan Ready For Gurmeet Ram Rahim

About 1.5 lakh Dera Sacha Sauda followers had poured in Panchkula as CBI court was to announce its verdict on rape case against Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. 
There were many who were brought to the city on the pretext of pitaji’s darshan, while huge number of other followers had another plan on their minds – to escape their pitaji from police custody if convicted. 

The Court Drama post Gurmeet Ram Rahim Conviction

RED BAG was the signal to incite his guards
The police maintains that the Dera chief had “RED BAG” as his signal.
As reported in NDTV, Inspector General of Police KK Rao said, “The Dera chief demanded the bag, saying his clothes were in it. It was actually a signal for his men to spread the news of his conviction among supporters so that they could resort to causing disturbance.” He added, “As the bag was taken out of the Baba’s SUV, sounds of tear gas shells were heard about 2-3 km from the court, the officer said.”It was then that we understood that there was some meaning behind the signal,” Mr Rao commented.
Buying Time to spread the message
“They were trying to gain time before sitting in the vehicle so that their men could spread the message that he was moving from the court. They were told that you cannot stand here. The mob was about 2-3 km and could have moved closer. We never wanted violence as casualties could have been more,” Mr Rao said.The police decided to shift him from his own SUV to the car of a police officer, Sumit Kumar. 
“Didi, goli maar doon inhe?”
According to The Tribune, when Gurmeet Ram Rahim was convicted, one of the security guards had his gun pointed towards senior officials of the Haryana Police in the court. He sought permission from Honeypreet Insan, adopted daughter of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, “Didi, goli maar doon inhe?” (should I shoot them?)
A security guard even allegedly “slapped” an IG-rank official of the Haryana Police and scuffled with two other senior Haryana police officials.
Blocked Haryana Police way
The security staff allegedly tried to take the dera head to their vehicle. They laid down in front of the Haryana Police vehicle to stop it. They also blocked the Haryana Police vehicle with their jammer vehicle.  
Finally nabbed
At last, the Haryana Police and paramilitary forces rounded up these seven security personnel. 
Five of the accused are from the Haryana Police — three commandos and two on duty in the jammer vehicle. The remaining two were private security guards of the dera head.
Threat from Dera Chief’s convoy of 80 SUVs and cars 
The policemen also sensed a threat from some 80 cars and SUVs that had followed the controversial Ram Rahim from Sirsa to Panchkula and were parked next to a nearby theatre. So a plan and a route change were quickly devised. Army permission was sought to allow the police vehicles (including the one carrying Dera chief) to move through the cantonment area. 
“Had their people come to know about our movement, they would have reached there and firing could have taken place,” the police officer revealed.

What was their Escape Plan?

As reported in The Tribune, the dera management wanted to take advantage of the massive crowd of dera followers. They wanted to turn them into Dera chief’s shield, mingle with the crowd gathered on the road separating Sector 2 and Sector 5.
But, the police officials sensed this and Ambala Divisional Commissioner Vivek Joshi and Panchkula Police Commissioner AS Chawla jointly made last-minute changes in the security. The deployment of officials was also changed on August 25 at the last moment, which prevented the dera chief’s escape from police custody.
Source: The Tribune, NDTV