Cupid's Engineering at PEC Chandigarh

“Valentine’s Day and engineering colleges” quite contrasting sides of a picture it is.

With the valentine’s week around the corner, the youth at PEC is getting ready to face the situations they might come across.

Ah! Those Singles’ Sighs!

The most worried and jealous people during this week are those who are single. Walking through the campus, they might come across the sight of one of their dearest friends talking to a girl and that’s the moment when they think, “how on earth is this possible!???”

Another friend who never forgets to wave or just say a casual ‘hi’ now doesn’t even look in your direction.


Because he is engrossed in a conversation with a girl!

People who are known for never paying at any shop are now seen insisting to a girl on paying the bill themselves.

Such a week of surprises is the valentine’s week!

Even the lecture halls become a romantic place during this week. If you reach a lecture hall few minutes before the scheduled time, you may come across the sight of a couple cuddled together and lost in their own world.
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It’s not just a day, it’s a whole damn week! 

But the thing about this day is that it comes with all of its cousins, rose day, teddy day, chocolate day, and what not!

Had the valentine’s been just a day, the singles would have still made through.

Each day is a new surprise. A girl may be seen with three or may be even more number of chocolates, but still there’s uncertainty as to whether her status will change from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’ this valentine’s day or not. On the other hand, if a boy is seen with even a single chocolate during this particular week, all his peers will be seen partying at a nearby shop because ‘bhabhi mil gayi’

Never say Never 

There’s also this category of boys that is way too optimistic.

They have this belief that may be, as “love is in the air”, their crush who passed a smile months ago, notices them and they might end up having a date by the end of the valentine’s week. Hence, people who are famous for having records for not taking a bath for weeks, are observed to maintain hygiene at the highest standards.




It’s a ‘guys thing’ 

Another striking aspect of engineering colleges is the imbalance in the sex ratio.

PEC is no exception to it. While the folks at the CSE, ECE, electrical department are seen rejoicing about the balance between the number of boys and girls in their department, the mechanical department guys are just seen sitting on the walls and waiting for their “stars to shine”.

There is a high probability that the mechanical department will observe a mass cut this Valentine’s Day!

There is a high probability that the mechanical department will observe a mass cut this Valentine’s Day as most of the guys there would like to give up on this world just for a day and spend the day sleeping or gaming, the two favorite past-times for engineers.

Let’s just hope that this valentine’s, there’d be more elation and ecstasy than heartbreaks.

Cupid, please strike arrows at the right places.