COVID-19 Challenge Physical & Mental Capacities: Chandigarh’s COVID-19 Survivor

26-year-old woman fifth COVID-19 patient resident of Sec 19, Chandigarh with a travel history to UK was discharged after completing fourteen days isolation period from the PGI on Thursday. As per the protocol, her test results came out negative twice.

A doctor by profession, she got infected with COVID-19 novel coronavirus in UK post coming in contact with her patient under her treatment.

She shared her inexplicable experience of going through this tough time of illness with the Tribune.

She witnessed symptoms the day she arrived in India. So instead of going home, she went straight to the PGI. Being a part of the medical fraternity, she knew that this disease was imminent.

Initial Days

She went through breathlessness and high fever. Gradually, her sense of taste and smell vanished.

She added that her patients had experienced the same. Now, she was also going through this. On the third day one would feel unwell. Then suddenly, the next day, things would get much better.

During The Illness

She experienced headache, chest pain, diarrhoea, and severe abdomen pain. She had never felt this unwell before. All of us have had experiences of common cold or flu. But, she described this infection to be something different as it affected more than the flu.

Eighth Day

She was really unwell and down with fever frequently. She would explain all this to her mother over the telephone before sharing the same with her consultant including her feelings of fatality. That’s how much family support was needed. Though the doctors and nursing staff at the PGI were very supportive.

The worst part would be that the body would be aching terribly. Most of her time was spent sleeping after taking the prescribed medication.

Body & Mind Challenge

COVID-19 is a mix of physical and mental challenges. On one hand, it deteriorates the well-being of an individual and she went through all this. While on the other side, it is a mental challenge as you don’t have any idea about your family. You can’t see them either.

As per the guidelines, her parents were home quarantined. She had her mother in her prayers. At present too, all the family members were sitting in four different corners of the house. It is important to maintain distance at home as well, which many people don’t, she said.

Bigger Aim In Life

Only one thing helped battle her illness. She looked forward to treat her patients. That was the major objective of her life and career. As doctors would take an oath to help people in their difficult times, thus, they are nothing without their patients.

She has brought to light the serious complications of the infection. She had seen healthy people ending up on the ventilator. Many others were dying due to this.

Message For All

Everyone wishes to bring a change in others’ lives. The perfect is to contribute by being well-informed. When neighbourhood residents came to know that Dr. Payal had tested positive, they were equally scared. Everybody/anybody irrespective of age & health , human body is not immune to COVID-19.

News Source: The Tribune

Image Source: Google Images