Coronavirus Infected Aerosols Can Travel upto 10 mts in Air, says Govt Advisory

Aerosols from symptomatic and asymptomatic covid positive persons can travel up to ten metres and that aerosol through the infected person can fall within two meters but can be carried to ten meters through the air.

The government advisory released on Thursday has said, “Aerosol and droplets are key mode of transmission of the virus.”

The advisory said, to prevent it people should continue wearing mask, wear double masks or a N95 mask.

Cross ventilation and use of exhaust fans in closed home, offices and work places are highly beneficial in curtailing down the spread of coronavirus.

• The advisory adds, “Simple strategic placement of fans, open windows and doors, even slightly open windows can introduce outdoor air and improve the air quality inside.”

• In buildings with central air-management systems: Improving central air filtration/increased filtration efficiency is especially helpful when enhanced outdoor air delivery options are limited. 

• In offices, auditoriums, shopping malls etc: use of gable fan systems and roof ventilators are recommended. Frequent cleaning and replacement of fiters is highly recommended.

The primary mode of virus transmission is the saliva and nasal discharged in the form of droplets and aerosols, by an infected person while exhaling, talking, speaking, singing, laughing, coughing or sneezing etc.