Community Reserve for Endangered Turtle Species Coming Up in Kurukshetra

On an exciting spree around Chattbir if you missed turtles there, a new reserve is coming less than 100kms away in Kurukshetra exclusively for India’s two most endangered turtle species.
Haryana Wildlife Conservation Department and forest department have decided to develop a ‘community reserve’ to protect Indian flapshell turtle and Indian softshell turtle. These aquatic creatures figure in ICUN’s red list of endangered species.
A historically revered pond in Thana village (located along Pehowa-Kaithal road) in Kurukshetra district is the chosen site for the reserve. The pond is presently being maintained by the villagers, who consider it as part of the actual site of Brahm Sarovar. Once the project is materialized, 110 acres land will be a notified protected area under the Wildlife Protection Act and developed into world-level conservation and protection centre for these two turtle species.
Source: Times of India
Image Credits: Google Images