Patanjali now enters restaurant business. 100% vegetarian Patanjali’s POSTIK RESTAURANT now opens in Chandigarh. 

Patanjali is literally leaving no vertical or sector in the country without its presence. We all have been taking, some in serious manner and some jokingly, ‘What happens if enters hospitality business?‘ Now see for yourself, Chandigarh. This is India’s first Patanjali Postik Restaurant.

When contacted by ChandigarhX, Postik restaurant’s manager, Rajesh Kumar Gangotia, revealed, “Some last few formalities are yet to be done which will be finished soon, then Postik will have grand inauguration with media lights. Right now, we have started the restaurant on a soft opening since April 1.” He also added, “We use only Patanjali products in our preparations whose health benefits surpass any other in market.” The restaurant is owned by Rajpal Singh.

The restaurant exactly falls in Baltana, Zirakpur. It is in Hotel Indiano. The address is 16, Kalghider Encalve,  Baltana, Zirakpur.

Try some ‘Poshtik’ there!



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5 thoughts on “India’s & Chandigarh’s First Patanjali Restaurant, Postik, Opens in Baltana

  1. It is quite evident now that Patanjali is in no way for the poor people .All the products of Patanjali are very expensive not within the reach of the poor .

  2. Westernisation has left us feeding on whatever comes out way, unhealthy, costly and artificially and unhygienically cooked. A lot of thanks to Swami Ramdevji ji and His team to provide fresh, hygienically cooked and healthyfood ,definitely with a SWADESHI spirit .

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