VIDEO | You Won’t Believe What This Chandigarhian Is Upto On His 10 feet Tall Bike!

A Chandigarhian rides 10 feet high modified bicycle and is eyeing Guinness Book of World Records. 

He is Rajeev Kumar, more popularly known as Johny, who has taken his passion for cycles and cycling to whole new level. He has modified his cycle to 8 feet 6 inches high, which can extend to 10 feet 2 inches of height. Now he is preparing to travel from Chandigarh to Mumbai, a distance of 1663 km to create a world record.

He already has to his name India Limca Book of Records for riding for 16 hours from Chandigarh to Delhi mounted on his 7 feet 6 inches high cycle.

Interestingly, he made a bicycle 13 feet 6 inches tall but Chandigarh traffic police did not permit it to be driven outside.

He has been customising cycles for over 20 years and does all the work all by himself. 

For the world record now he is trying to get sponsors and once he gets an intimation from Guinness Book of World Records, he will get the nod from his sponsors too. 

His modified cycle flaunts the Open Hand of Chandigarh too. Through his unusual feat he wants to promote cycling in the country. 

Next time, you see a man mounted high on a cycle, wave him and wish him luck. This Chandigarhian is bringing fame to our city beautiful.


Source: Barcroft TV, Scroll


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