Chandigarh | Waste Water This Summer & Pay Fine of Rs 2000

waste water chandigarh

Summers are just around the corner, so are Chandigarh’s water woes. To check water wastage this summer, the MC Chandigarh has announced it is going tough on those found wasting water. From April 15, any water wastage will invite a fine of Rs 2,000.

City residents found wasting water would be challaned from April 15 to June 30.

  • This year the checking is seen to be intensified. Not just during morning hours but during evening hours too checking will be done.
  • Anybody can send pictures or videos of violators on Whatsapp of the civic body. The violator will be handed over challan.
  • If anyone doesn’t pay the challan, the fine would be added to the water bill of the resident.
  • Overflowing water tanks, water coolers or leakage in pipes as well will invite fine too.
  • Special focus will be on the northern sectors as the civic body had found that water consumption in these sectors is high as compared to the southern sectors. Here, being houses of size more than one kanal, the consumption was more even up to 1,376 litres of water per person.

This stern action is welcome in the face of persisting water shortage in Chandigarh. The city gets only 85 Million Gallons Daily (MGD) while the demand reaches up to 116 MGD in summers. The gap in the demand and supply leaves several sectors and colony areas of the city high and dry.


Source: The Indian Express

Image Credits: Google Images