Chandigarh UT Admn Issues Guidelines to Rescue Good Samaritans

Guidelines helping accidents

This is great! UT Administration has finally come up with guidelines to save good Samaritans, who volunteer to save lives of victims of road accidents.

Many a times, these Samaritans encounter a lot of harassment from the victim’s relatives and authorities. These guidelines have been issued by the administration to prevent any sort of harassment which are encountered by these people who act for selfless interests.

What Are These Guidelines?

The Supreme Court has issued directives in this regard. The guidelines for saving Good Samaritans from harassment, including the eyewitness of a road accident, are –

  • A Good Samaritan, may take the victim to the nearest hospital. After furnishing only his/her address, he/she should be allowed to leave immediately.
  • Such a person shall not be held liable for any civil or criminal action, if he/she is assisting accident victims.
  • Disclosure of personal information is not mandatory and optional even if it is a medico-legal case.
  • If public officials are found guilty of indulging in coercion or intimidation of a Good Samaritan, then they will face legal action from the concerned authorities.

During the examination of a bystander, eyewitness or a Good Samaritan, video conferencing may be incorporated extensively. This method will aid in avoiding harassment and reducing inconvenience.

All public and private hospitals have been asked to follow these guidelines. Appropriate action will be taken in case of non-compliance.

Isn’t this a wonderful step? What are your views on this? Leave your comments in the section given below.

(News Source – HT Chandigarh)

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