Chandigarh-Themed Merchandise Every Chandigarhian Should Own & Gift

Chandigarhians have a swag. And no matter where we go, we take this swag along!

So why not wear this swag on our sleeves (literally!!)?

Why not flaunt the pride we have in our hearts, and let the world be jealous.

T-shirts, Coffee Mugs and more…

Here is an exclusive list of merchandise themed Chandigarh, for each one of you Chandigarh lovers to own, and gift!

We have worked out, and found places to buy them!

1. Chandigarh Notebooks. Cooool…..!!


The Chandigarh-based startup Raahi has been coming up with some really cool merchandise off late. And these notebooks that they have designed are pretty amazing. Now don’t tell

Now don’t tell “Itni achi notebooks ho to padne ka bhi man kare!!”  (wit intended)

By the way, how about the idea of having mandatory Chandigarh-brand notebooks in schools!

Price: INR 100 (for each notebook)

Where to buy:


visit your nearest Raahi Store.

2. The Chandigarh Key Fob. It’s mandatory, guys!


You must have spotted this super cool key chain with someone, at some place. And how badly you would have wanted to have one!

Well, we know. These peculiarly shaped signboards have become a trademark of Chandigarh, sought of!

No more fuss, go buy one!

Price: INR 80

Where to buy:


visit your nearest Raahi Store.

3. The Chandigarh Brand Coffee Mugs

raahi7 raahi8

One of the most common things which get personalized and land in the gift packages, are, of course, Coffee Mugs. And these Chandigarh-brand Coffee Mugs are no different!

Simple, quirky, and adorable, these cups make for the perfect gifting option!

Price: INR 250

Where to buy:  &


visit the Urban Theka Store @ Elante.

4. I Love Chandigarh: Wall Plate


This is a quite interesting wall décor. A unique way to let everyone know, how much you love this city. When you hang this out on the wall of your drawing room or on your front door, be ready to answer questions.

Where did you buy that….tell us!

You know what to do next? Gift them one!

Price: INR 500

Where to buy:


the Urban Theka Store @ Elante.

5. The Standard Chandigarh T-Shirt


You are a Chandigarhian and don’t own one such t-shirt? Shame.

This is a matter of pride.

As much as they guys take when the flaunt their IIT shirts!

So, go and buy one now. It’s cheap, but something highly priced!

Price: INR 499

Where to buy:


visit your nearest Raahi Store.

6. For all the Lads of Chandigarh!


This T-shirt defines all the cool studs of Chandigarh!

Nothing else. Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui!

Price: INR 499

Where to buy:


visit your nearest Raahi Store.

By the way, if it’s that cool t-shirt vs everything else, I’ll pick that shirt. The last one. 

What’s your favorite pick?

Let us know in the comments!