Chandigarh | Road Embedded Traffic Light Signal To Add To Public Safety Near Sukhna

In a first-of-its-kind, the Engineering Department, Chandigarh Administration has provided road embedded traffic light signals on Uttar Marg. The landmark achievement has come adjacent to the parking lot of Sukhna Lake.

As per the Chief Engineer-cum-Special Secretary (Engineering), this concept is implemented as a pilot project.

Public Safety

Visitors to the lake park their vehicles at the parking lot. This is located opposite the lake. So they have to cross the road. Though zebra crossing and stop lines are marked on the road, still this adds to public safety. There is also a heavy influx of visitors at Sukhna Lake.

Therefore, this road embedded signal was decided upon. It will provide a light actuated barrier to traffic. This will eliminate the possibility of an accident.

Manoj Parida, Advisor to Administrator inaugurated the signal on Friday. The new system is a big milestone for road safety. Once successful, it will be replicated at other accident-prone spots across Chandigarh.

News Source: Times of India

Image Source: Google Images