Chandigarh | Register Your Pet, Else Pay Penalty

In a recent notification issued by UT Chandigarh, the penalty for not getting pet dogs registered has been increased from Rs 5,000 from earlier Rs 500 (set in 2018). The increased penalty has been approved by the MC General House. 

Following are the directions as per the Chandigarh Registration of Pet Dogs Bylaws, 2010: 

• Dog owners are to compulsorily get their pets registrated at the Municipal Corporation office when the canine is four months old. 

• Only two dogs are allowed per family.

• The owner must ensure that the pet is wearing a collar with a metal token issued by the registering authority around the neck.

• It will be owner’s responsibility to get the pet’s poop removed if defecates at a public place. 

• Even a registered dog straying at large will be seized and kept at a place set apart for the purpose.

• The fine for repeat violation has been increased from Rs 20 ealier. The additional fine imposed may extend to Rs200. 

• For the dog detained under the bylaws, owner will have to pay the maintenance charges of Rs 1,000. The charges for claiming one’s dog has been enhanced from Rs100 per day.

Source: The Tribune

Image Credits: Google Images 

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