Chandigarh Police to Provide Late Night Drops to Women on New Year’s Eve. Here are the Details


Chandigarh Police has made arrangements to drop women at their destinations in Chandigarh during late night hours on New Year’s Eve. This step has been taken for ensuring women safety on Dec. 31.

SSP Nilambari Vijay Jagdale, Chandigarh Police, said,“In view of women’s security in the city, we are offering special PCR vehicles to drop women. Any woman, stranded late in the night, can call to avail of PCR (Police Control Room) vans.”

What Provisions Have Been Made

  • A woman constable will be deployed with every PCR vehicle. These units will be stationed around the city particularly on New Year’s Eve.
  • If any woman is unable to reach her residence safely, late in the night and no conveyance is available, then she may call the PCR by dialing 100 or 0172-2749194 or 0172-2744100.
  • The PCR shall send a vehicle to the specified location. It drop the lady safely at her destination within Chandigarh.

Police to be Deployed in Sensitive Areas

Women police officials would be stationed at sensitive points on New Year’s eve. These include Elante Mall, Aroma Light Point, Sector-17, Sector-26 restaurants, Sector-35, Sector-43 and Chandigarh Club.

Chandigarh police have also instructed party organisers (hotels, discotheques, restaurants, etc.) to install CCTV cameras at crucial spots at the venue of the party. Male and female bouncers have been asked to be present at party venues.

Late night drops for women in Chandigarh already there

As stated by SSP Nilambari Jagdale,“The provision for dropping women at late night hours is not only for the new year. Women can call police anytime as we have a special arrangement for this.”

In July, the Chandigarh police started with the late night drops for women in Chandigarh. Chandigarh Police website says, “In case any lady is out of her place of stay late at night and is unable to avail a taxi, auto, cab, etc. to reach her place of stay safety, then she may call the PCR at No. 100 or 0172-2749194 or 0172-2744100. The PCR shall send it’s vehicle to safety drop the lady to her place of stay within Chandigarh.”

Chandigarh police is taking utmost care to ensure no untoward incident in the city happens when Chandigarh parties welcoming 2018.

Source: The Indian Express

Image Credits: Google Images

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