Chandigarh Police Challaned 203 Drunk Drivers on New Year’s Eve; Maximum in a Day in 2017


Chandigarh Police challaned 203 drunk drivers on New Year’s eve. It was the highest number of challans issued in a day in 2017 for this particular offence. The traffic wing has recommended the suspension of driving licences of these offenders.

Even in 2016, on New Year’s eve, 252 people were fined.

Mobile nakas set up 

UT police had set up 20 nakas between in the city. However, they did not place barricades on the road and set up mobile nakas. Police vehicles were parked on either side of the road and commuters were stopped and checked for driving under the influence of alcohol.

However, number of challans issued in Panchkula (21) and Mohali (6) on New Year’s eve, were way less than in Chandigarh. In Panchkula, maximum were issued at Housing Board and Sector 5 traffic lights point.

Chandigarh Police had been using social media to encourage traffic rules adherence


Especially on New Year’s eve, UT SSP, Shashank Anand took to twitter to send across the message of traffic rules obedience.

Also, the official Chandigarh Traffic Police Facebook page had a series of posts encouraging people to party safely and avoid drunk driving.

Overall, in 2017, 6663 challans were issued for drunk driving in the UT.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, drunk drivers can be penalized by awarding 6 months jail or Rs. 2000 fine or both for first offence. Subsequent offences have stricter punishments with longer jail term.

Chandigarh has earned a dubious distinction for drunk driving in 2017. After Supreme Court had relaxed the highway liquor ban on August 30, 157 challans were issued in a day. On Christmas eve also, 93 challans were issued.

To curb down such incidents, police have also started recommending suspension of driving licences of offenders as per the recommendations of the Supreme Court’s road safety committee.

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(News Source – HT Chandigarh)

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