Online Classes or Not, Schools Can Still Collect Tuition Fees, Rules High Court

In a much-awaited hearing before Punjab and Haryana High Court today, the court has ruled that whether online classes are offered or not during lockdown, all the schools are entitled to collect tuition fee. 

“The school management of each school shall work out their actual expenditure incurred under the annual charges for the period the school remained closed and recover only such genuine expenditure incurred by them including actual transport charges and actual building charges, but shall not recover any charge for this period for any activity or facility towards which no expenditure was incurred,” Justice Nirmaljit Kaur added.

Major decisions: 

• All the schools are  entitled to collect tuition fee irrespective of whether online classes are offered during lockdown. 

• Continued efforts by schools to impart online/distance learning so that learning is prevented from being adversely impacted because of the “present or future lockdowns”.

• The schools cannot increase the fee for 2020-21 and adopt the fee structure of 2019- 20.

• Those parents who cannot pay the school fees can file an application attached with requisite proof of their financial status. The schools can exempt  or give concessions as the case may be. 

• Aggrieved parents on school’s adverse decision can approach the regulatory body constituted under the provisions of the Punjab Regulation of Fee of Un-aided Educational Institutions Act, 2016. 

“No parent shall misuse the concession by laying a false claim,” Justice Nirmaljit Kaur added.

The directions came on a number of petitions filed by the Independent Schools’ Association Chandigarh and others petitioners against the State of Punjab and other respondents.

Source: The Tribune

Image Credits: Google Images

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