Chandigarh MC Moots Plan to Hike Parking Fee as High as Eight Times

The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation is ready with the proposal to steeply hike the parking fee for vehicles in the paid parking lots in Chandigarh. 

The proposed rates looks like: 

Kind of Vehicle Present Parking Fee Proposed Parking fee
SUV Rs 5 Rs 40
Four-wheeler, including a taxi, (Single entry) Rs 5 Rs 25
Four-wheeler, including a taxi, (multiple entries) Rs 5 Rs 50
Two-wheeler (Single entry) Rs 2 Rs 10 
Two-wheeler (multiple entries) Rs 2 Rs 20
Monthly pass of a two-wheeler Rs 50 Rs 250
Tourist bus (single entry) Rs 20 Rs 100


Why the hike in the parking fee?

  • There are 26 parking lots in total and out of which 20 were dysfunctional as either the contractors have surrendered these or the contract period has expired. Notably, in the last two years, most of these parking lots were lying unattended for a number of months, which gave the Municipality a loss of around Rs 5 crore. 
  • Senior officer of the Municipal Corporation maintained,” The parking rates are the least in Chandigarh and this is the city with the highest per capita income. You get facilities according to what you pay. If we have decided to give facilities to park in a city like Chandigarh, a person will have to pay accordingly. Why shouldn’t a person with a bigger car pay more?”
  • It has also been proposed that the engineering wing may take over the paid parking lots the way it is managing the multilevel parking.


The proposal to hike parking fees has been pending since December 2016. Now it has been scheduled to be placed before the House at a meeting scheduled for February 23.


Image Credits: Google Images

Source: The Indian Express