Chandigarh Gets Its First 3-D Zebra Crossing. What a Depth Illusion It Is!

Chandigarh 3D zebra crossing

Yes, it has finally arrived in Chandigarh. The UT’s first ever 3-D crossing has been created at the Sector 7-26 dividing road on Sunday. It is part of a pilot project by the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh.

Why? This has been done in view of increasing driver safety. Drivers often speed through the stretch, even when the speed limit is at 50 km/hr. This 3-d zebra crossing creates an illusion that the road is either dug up or elevated.

Chandigarh 3D zebra crossing

The citizens are excited about it. Pedestrians were amusing themselves by hopping over the painted blocks.

Chandigarh 3D zebra crossing

Watch out, drivers! There’s a ‘pit’ dug up for you if you don’t stop.

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(News Source: HT Chandigarh)