Chandigarh: Collection Of Mango Seeds From Residents Part Of A Unique Conservation Attempt

What’s Amazing

In an endeavour to save the environment, the Chandigarh Forest Department has come up with a unique idea of collecting mango seeds from the residents. This is also an effort to involve people in the plantation drive. For birds and other wild species there will be more fruit trees. Such an initiative will enhance a sense of belongingness of people towards Mother Earth.

All You Have To Do

The residents just need to put dry mango seeds into the collection boxes. The department will collect the seeds and nurture them. The surviving saplings will be planted next year during the plantation drive. The department has placed three bins at the Botanical Garden near Sarangpur village.  

The city’s old association with mango trees and orchards is best known. You won’t miss a single house with their own tree- a personal source for all the delicious fruit. Unfortunately this has dwindled over the past few years.

As per Harjit Singh Dhillon, VP, Chandigarh Tree Lovers Association, the entire belt—from Ambala in Haryana to Kala Amb in Himachal Pardesh—was identified for its rich mango plantations. Both cities are known for mango species and named likewise. Mango trees are preferred plantation as they have dome-shaped crown, survive longer and shed lesser leaves. These orchards bifurcate the industrial and residential areas in Chandigarh. However, they have been squeezed to take away land for development projects.

He added that a number of mango trees–100 years old and above—must be saved by the administration. They are in the list of heritage trees.

News Source: Times Of India

Image Source: Google Images