Chandigarh| Automatic Vehicle Location System for CTU Buses launched

In a bid to modernise the transport system of the city, UT Chandigarh Administrator V P Singh Badnore, has launched the Automatic Vehicle Location System for CTU buses.

Smart features

This system will provide real-time status of bus movements.

Besides this, departure and arrival time of buses will also be available on commuters’ mobile phones as well as on electronic boards at bus shelters.

Sponsored by World Bank

The ambitious project has been sponsored by the World Bank.

Monitoring under a planned system

Global positioning system (GPS) will be used for tracking buses and a control room will be set up for monitoring.

All the Bus depots will be linked to the primary control room via Local area network (LAN) connections.

SMS facilities to drivers

Further, SMS facilities will also be provided to drivers so that they can inform about their leaves.