Chandigarh | All Traffic Lights to be Syncronised by December 31

In a bid to ease traffic snarls and improve upon signal timings, by December 31 all 40 traffic lights in the city will be synchronised. UT Chandigarh administration has submitted a report on the same to the UT administrator’s advisory council on transport. 

Equipped with adaptive traffic control system (ATCS), the routes with heavy traffic will be given priority and will have longer green signal. 

CCTV cameras on traffic lights

High resolution CCTV cameras will be installed at all 40 light points. They are divided in two categories – regulating traffic violations and the other with the technology of face and vehicle recognition. 

Pan-tilt-zoom cameras installed along with screens will record any adverse incident and automatically convey it to the central control room alerting the emergency number. 

Cameras will be installed at all main roads, road entry and exit points, government buildings, schools, hospitals, waterworks buildings and parking lots too. 

Source: Times of India

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