First Time Ever In India A Flea Market In Int’l Airport; That Too At Chandigarh’s

You must have seen world-class brands, luxury items proudly displayed at international airports and what we do? We window shop. But, not at Chandigarh International Airport.

In a first time ever in India, a flea market will be set up at an international airport and Chandigarh International Airport will be first to have the honour. The flea market will provide the travelers inexpensive shopping of their memorabilia. 

All the blueprints and setup of the market will be managed by the city-based firm VEE Three Marketing Private Limited.

♦ Initially, the market will run for three months. 

♦ 10 shops will be set up in the security hold area of the departure terminal.

♦  The shops will include artificial jewelery, clothes, sunglasses, cosmetics, etc.

♦ The opening and closing time will be same like the airport timings.

♦ Also, there will be 16 retail shops in the departure area.

♦ There will be a band, group of dancers or a musician performing every day.

♦ Besides this, the old terminal building has was also been converted into a civil aviation skill training center.

With runway repairs and additional international and domestic flight destinations and travelers comfort and delights in focus, Chandigarh airport definitely seem to be gearing up for ensuring a comfortable and pleasurable flight experience.


Source: New Indian Express