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smelly socks

No Way, Man Gets Arrested For Stinky Socks in Himachal Pradesh

These days anything can happen anywhere. You can get handcuffed for all sorts of reasons. Be it a post on the social media or...
ujjala killed

Chandigarh | Neighbour Slits 5-year-old Girl’s Throat in Full Public View

An absolutely barbaric crime was done in Chandigarh on Sunday afternnon. A little girl, Ujjala, merely 5 years of age was inhumanly killed by...

Chandigarh Urban Festival ’18 – Think Tanks Come Together For Tending To City’s Space...

Chandigarh Urban Festival '18 is all set to commence. Its sole purpose is to celebrate Chandigarh as an architectural wonder. A brainchild of Le Corbusier...

Punjabi Beauty Glitters on Cover Page of Canada’s Celebrated Beauty Magazine

Who is not mesmerised by the ravishing Punjabi kudian di beauty? Their beauty is augmented even hundred times with bindaas attitude and confidence to...

MLA says Momos Are Carcinogenic; Ban It. But Chandigarh, Are You Ready?

Recently a lawyer and a BJP legislator in Jammu & Kashmir, Ramesh Arora raised a call to ban momos for five months for the reason as...