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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Sukhna Lake is Scientifically DEAD, Observes Noted Environmentalist

Sukhna lake has always been our favorite place in the tricity for all moods, be it feeling like having good time with family and...

Break Traffic Rules, Say BYE-BYE to Your Driving License For Three Months

You jump red light, talk over the mobile while driving, drink and drive... you might dread the traffic police officer for a challan, but...

Chandigarh | Better Use Your Car’s Side-View Mirror Or Be Ready For a Challan

Come October 1, keeping side-view mirrors of their cars closed will invite challan. The fine amount is Rs 300. The decision was made in...
rose festival chandigarh

Chopper Ride at Chandigarh’s Rose Festival 2018 Confirmed. More Details Here

For Chandigarhians, the excitement for February is not just limited to Valentine's Day. Rather it's blooming roses. Few days back, Panjab University concluded its...

Come August, E-Sampark Centres In Chandigarh Won’t Accept Cash Payments Above Rs. 2000

Come August, E-Sampark Centres In Chandigarh Won't Accept Cash Payments Above Rs. 2000. The residents will have to resort to cashless options like debit and...