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Sunday, October 1, 2023

The Two Kinds of Government Schools in Chandigarh

Where the government schools across the country are in miserable condition, Chandigarh has the proud distinction of ensuring world-class education to the students in...

The Little Known Story Behind ‘Open Hand Monument’

The official emblem of Chandigarh administration (only UT or state in the country to have its own emblem), the 'Open Hand', that stand proudly...

Chandigarh’s Own Story of Misguided Aspirations

This morning Chandigarh woke up to the news that shook it to the core. Fake Rs. 2000 denomination circulating here! What turned the terrifying news into...

Traffic Congestion Eats up Another Roundabout

Last month the Chandigarh administration replaced rotaries at sector 33 and 34 and sector 32 and 33 with traffic lights, and now roundabout of sector 43 and 44 is being removed.

Check Your Vehicles’ Headlights Luminosity Level to Avoid Road Accidents

A survey, conducted by a road safety NGO ArriveSafe, is calling out for a significant driving behaviour change in the region. It has brought to the light the irresponsible driving behaviour amongst drivers on national and state highways in the region who pay little heed to check if their headlights are blinding those coming from the opposite direction.

Did you know Chandigarh Was Originally Designed to be Like Delhi?

Who was the architect of Chandigarh? Le Corbusier comes the prompt answer. And that's correct. But, did you know that he was not the first choice? Albert...