Car Wheels & Accessories Theft in Chandigarh On a Rise. Watch Out

If you happen to park your car or two-wheeler on the road, then you need to pep up the security system for it. Chandigarh is witnessing an increase in car tyres and accessories theft with on an average one such case in every two days reported since January 1, 2017. 40 such complaints have been reported and 10 cases in the past two weeks reported are cases of theft of wheels from cars parked right outside houses. 

Police said vehicles targeted are new, considering the re-sale value of the tyres and alloys in the second-hand market. A normal jack and bricks are used to uplift four-wheelers.

“As parking spaces are shirking the residents are forced to park vehicles wherever they find space thus compromising with the security of the vehicle. The police are carrying out night patrolling. The residents need to install CCTV cameras and localities need to hire watchmen who can keep surveillance,” added Eish Singhal, SSP Chandigarh.

 Reasons behind Car Wheels Steal

  • Shrinking car parking space makes cars to be parked on roads.
  • No anti-theft protection to wheels. The miscreants just need a box spanner to unscrew and remove them.
  • High demand of wheels of high-end cars in the second-hand market that is fuelling the wheel thefts in the city and places around like Burail, Zirakpur, Panchkula and Kharar.
  • Install a car alarm that includes sensors that attach to the wheels. The alarm detects when the car gets tilted, and the wheel sensors also detect when the wheels get tampered with.


  • Wheel locks are a more effective deterrent. There is one wheel lock per wheel. Wheel locks are also available for spare tyres.
  • Anti-theft lug nuts make it difficult for thieves because of the unconventional shape of the nut. The lug nut which can be opened only with the correct spanner.
  • If you lose your wheel-lock key, your car or tyre dealer can usually replace it or, at worst, break the lock and put on a new one.
  • Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) should hire watchmen to keep surveillance of the vehicles parked in open.

Recent cases

April 6 – A resident of Sector-45 Sushil Mehta reported all 4 tyres of his Swift vehicle stolen.

April 3 – Arun Kumar Verma, resident of Sector 46, Chandigarh reported the theft of all four tyres of his Grand i-10 car.

March 29 – All wheels of a Toyota Fortuner, parked in Sector 33, were stolen.

Don’t make your car tyres or accessories an easy steal. Pay heed to the advisory!


Source: Hindustan Times

Image Credits: Hindustan Times