Best Gedi Stops In Chandigarh For The Most Scrumptious South Indian Cuisine

South Indian cuisine is not only much loved in India, in fact across the globe. The mouth-watering breakfast treats like Idli, Dosai and Uttapas which come in different shapes, sizes and flavors. The cuisines from five southern states of India; Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerela, Tamil Nadu and Telangana are much more than just one-dish meals and rice dishes.

We usually stop till Sambar and never go for Rasam. Many of us don’t even apprehend that simple Vadas can always be replaced for ravishing Dal Vadas. There is a large gold mine to explore if you are found of this particular cuisine.

But the biggest challenge you will face while putting up in any northern city or town is the authentic South Indian food your ravenous taste buds rummage for. Similar goes for the best city of Punjab and Haryana, basically this trio comprising of Mohali, Panchkula and the city beautiful, Chandigarh can be delirious in your search for perfectly refined Southern touch in your meal.

Not to worry, in this article we will provide you with the information for the best eateries for flawless sambars and much more.


Starting from the heart of Chandigarh, in sector-17 plaza, you can find a number of South Indian restaurants providing enchanting flavors of South. But the best one that will suit any, from a low wage to the high endeavoring pockets is the classical ‘Indian Coffee House’ located on the left to Nirman cinema just a few foot walk away at S.C.O.-12.

Indian Coffee House
Indian Coffee House (picture credits:


It is not just any eating place but a reminiscent of how a restaurant must have been during British imperialism. Even after 70 years of India’s independence this eating place looks exactly as if we are still under British Raj, with all the Tables, chairs and fans that seem to not have been changed since 1947 is quite commendable. From white long shirts with broadened green belts engulfing stomachs to Gandhian era caps and turbans, all the servers share the same attire.


What’s mind wobbling is the menu, actually, there are no menu cards but a menu board hung on to the wall in the west. I strongly recommend french toast and vegetable dosa served with watery sambar of preeminent standards that will surely make you come back. Another best thing is, as kids we loved ketchup on side, it is still thick and yum!


The  maximum cost does not even jump 100 bucks for a single platter of mutton dosa which by far is the most expensive dish on menu. A perfect hang out space for low budget, that is if you could find a table. During prime hours you may have to wait for an hour or above to haul just a single seat in any corner. Though you can order for a takeaway whenever needed and with it the place also provides premium standard coffee powder costing 702 per kg.



Indian Coffee House
Indian Coffee House (picture credits: hindustantimes/blogspot/


As the above place holds a maximum capacity of 90 people, it is quite time-consuming to famish your hunger during busy days. The solution to it is drive-thru! Isn’t it?


Though it ain’t any restaurant but these three food stalls are the best thing for south Indian food lovers. Right after 5 pm sector-47 of Chandigarh turns into a heaven for foodies, enormous eateries situated one after another. This place comprises of the maximum population of people from the Southern states.


The matter of fact is that this sector comprises of government flats rented to the Indian Air Force. Therefore many people belonging to the Southern culture have adopted this place as their permanent residence.

The most interesting part is that many of those as a way to earn a few bucks temporarily construct food stalls right after five every evening. You will get almost two to three eating joints situated right next to each other, all around this sector, all providing the same dishes on the exactly similar menu.

Food stalls right opposite the community center
Food stalls right opposite the community center (image credits: Jasmeet Singh)


But the best spot is opposite the community center, where you will find a large gathering of people from having their meals on the spot, to those calling up to their turn for takeaways, hence your drive thru is just a horn blow away. Just to make it simple for you to understand these are temporary food stalls, therefore they will appear at any time after 5 in the evening beside the parking space of the only Indusind Bank located in sector 47-E.

From vadas, masala dosas, idlis, to garnished coconut chutney you will find much more than you expect and at very nominal rates.


I will recommend you to go for the famous paneer dosa with onion uttapam served best with slightly red-orange onion chutney. Moreover a dal-vada is a must if you visit this place. For a masala dosai where you need to draw 50 bucks from your pocket, a plate of Idlis or Vadas will just cost you 30 rupees. The ambiance during the peak hours is the best part of this food street, it is magnetic as competition prevails of which food stall is providing the best quality food.

Preparation of Dosais and Vadas
Preparation of Dosais and Vadas at sector-47 (image credits: Jasmeet Singh)


Here’s a suggestion go for the stall you find the most number of people waiting, though even you may have to wait for your turn but the best food will surely be right there.

Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Now don’t be a couch potato, hurry up! go and try on these luscious flavors of South in the city beautiful.

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