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A writer by passion and a musician at heart, Subhank swings on introvert and extrovert spectrum. A mass comm guy, he is busy exploring new sides of himself and the world around.


Panchkula Cab Commuters Bear the Brunt of Haryana Govt’s Road Tax Increase

Commuters commuting around the tricity are having a tough time. With the intent to generate more revenue, Haryana government has increased the tax on commercial...

Catch The Splendour of Orionids Meteor Shower Tonight. Check the Time & Directions Here

Look up the night sky tonight and you will saw the nature's sparkling show much more resplendent and awe-inspiring than any of our Diwali...

7 Exciting Activities To Do In And Around Chandigarh

Chandigarh is known more for its beauty and cleanliness, and little do we know that there are many adventurous activities one can do in...

Best Places in Chandigarh For Your Midnight Cravings

The clock has already ticked past 12 and your stomach won't stop growling. We all have had moments like these.  But don't always go...

Chandigarh International Airport Records 1000% Surge In Air Passengers In 10 Years

Did you know Chandigarh Airport is 50 years old?   In 1967, Chandigarh airport got its first wings to fly when a civil terminal was opened...