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You live once, so why not smile while you still have teeth! A dentist by profession and a writer by passion is all that describes her. An introvert who finds her solace in reading and learning. By the way, she also knows a little French, mes amis!


Insanely Weird Yet Creative Water Tanks In And Around Chandigarh. What Say?

What's in a water tank? That which we call a water tank is just used to fill water. Is that what you think when you...

Nominations For TEDx Chandigarh 2018 Speakers Are Open

TED The single mention of the word itself inspires new ideas, passion, conviction, intellect and humans' unending pursuit towards self-actualization.  Last year's January witnessed the beginning...

Track Your Mail On Mobile App As Chandigarh Postal Department Goes Digital

When you think of Indian Postal department, what comes to your mind? Khaki wearing postman on bicycle with a bag full of letters, a specky...

The Two Kinds of Government Schools in Chandigarh

Where the government schools across the country are in miserable condition, Chandigarh has the proud distinction of ensuring world-class education to the students in...

Post GST, Discounted Medicines To Be Available in Government Hospitals Only

Chandigarhians, you wouldn't be getting medicines on discount rates as you used to get before. Yes, this has come true, after the roll out of...